300 blackout supersonic load data. Anyone have a favorite / pet load for . Greg_r said: I use 4227, RL7, and Lil Gun with the Lee 312-155. Can't wait for the 300 Blackout load data from Nosler! _____. As I load sub sub sonics to use with my suppressor. I have used Win 296 (same as H110) with good results in subsonic 300 Blk using Sierra 220gr and Hornady 208gr Amax shot out of a 8. Chopping the carbine barrel down to submachine gun length. Min order 100 for custom loads. IHMSA # 13794 Joined May, 1980 I would post the Sierra 300Whisper SSP Load data (10" T/C test gun) but I. That being said, I figured it was time to share all of my 300 BLK recipes and the associated data. 300 Blackout Ammo Testing Protocol. This is the recipe I use for supersonic loads for my Model 1 300 Blackout Carbine. If I can find my load data I will pass it on, I think it was 19. Is that a good place to start?. Additional testing by AAC revealed that …. It is rated for Sub and supersonic 300 blackout. 5 Creedmoor based case, so it could accommodate. 223 cartridge but with a wider […]. 11h! 300 AAC Blackout - Armscor FMJ Armscor FAC300AAC1N Rifle 300 AAC Blackout Ammo 147 GR Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 20 Rounds: 147gr: n/a: 20 $ 16. 375 Raptor is the best short action / AR-10-length cartridge for firing both high BC, supersonic hunting and target shooting projectiles as well as heavy, accurate subsonic projectiles. The 300 Blackout (300 BLK) was designed by Remington/AAC to create a reliable, compact. Primer selection is specific and primer types are not. This can be accomplished with a 12" barrel and ultra …. The problem I'm finding is load data using hollow tip bullets in the 150-180 gr range and still be supersonic rather then subsonic I have a large supply of bullets for my 30 cal rifles. Originally born of a US SOCOM contract with Advanced Armament Corporation (hence the. 300 blackout load data 2400 powder. I have an AR and also a single shot TC Encore. Is ramshot enforcer a good powder for 300 blackout in an 8. I have done a little research and most of it is from a 16" barrel but could somebody tell me if 10. Neuro Ignite Ingredients April 25, 2017 At 09:59. This creates a large wound channel for an efficient kill. Not all "subsonic" loads are noted as such in the data, because the cartridge is not capable of producing supersonic velocity. Thanks to its incredible accuracy, the 300 Blackout round is tried and true to be one of the most versatile loads on the market. 226 Sugg Max StartingVelocity Pressure Load Velocity Pressure Powder Grains FPS Grains. From Armscor USA comes a great 300 Blackout range round for your 300 AAC Blackout chambered rifle. Reloading 300 Blackout and Testing Loads in 2 Different ARs. RELOADING MATCH GRADE 300 BLACKOUT AMMO Beginning Reloading 300 blackout with Cast Bullets TESTED: Berry's 220gr 300 BLK Bullets Test Loads Of Lil Gun And Sierra 110 Grain Hollow Points In My 300 Blackout Part1 Tips on finding load data for reloading - HD 300 BLK Supersonic Hunting Load. 2 grains of A1680 powder (Adjust powder charge down as needed. The ability to shoot 30 caliber bullets from a standard AR-15 M16/M4 style rifle by simply changing the barrel and ammunition has made the 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) a popular choice for AR shooters looking for an …. Reloading 300 Blackout: DoubleStar. 123 grains x 1000 fps = 273 ft. ) figures for our comparison loads at the muzzle, 100, 200 and 250 yards. Reloading Data For 300 Blackout | Day At The Range great dayattherange. 300 blackout cast bullet loads for ar. Aguila’s 300 AAC Blackout is Loaded to Perform Downrange and Produce Mild Recoil. First off, it is now officially called the 8. Hornady 150 grain 300 blackout load data Berry's 220 grain 300 Blackout bullets; New Starline 300 Blackout Cases; Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers; 9. 350 Legend vs 300 Blackout. SELLIER & BELLOT 300 AAC BLACKOUT 200GR SUBSONIC FMJ …. In addition to being outstanding in the 300 Blackout, it performs well in many smaller capacity cartridges such as the 17 Hornet, 17 Ackley Hornet, 218 Bee, 221 Fireball and many more. com May 3, 2020 #22 Pgohil Well Known Rokslider. 300 Blackout barrels round. 5 1,785 41,800 CUP Max 17 5 grains and get about 1950-1970 fps and decent 100 yard. I think that's too much and will produce pressure signs as well as a compacted charge. 300 AAC Bla 300 AAC Blacko 300 AAC Blackout AAC Blackout AC. 300 Blackout cast load data. 110 Grain 300 Blackout Tipped Expanding Bullet (Box Qty - …. And if the rig fires subsonic ammo, ‘Whisper’ is not inappropriate. 300 Whisper, decided to keep the name proprietary, and not allow anyone else to create ammunition in the new caliber without paying them a “license fee”. 57 per round) Not available - One time run. 300 Blackout cartridges; Best for mid-range and long-range. 300 AAC Blackout RIFLE RELOADING DATA 4 #2123. 300 AAC Blackout, AR makers have been fast to respond to the caliber and today over 60 companies produce guns chambered for the round. I was thinking the Nosler 125gr BT with H4895. 300 AAC Blackout ; Load data, Maker 85gr TREX and WW296 Load data, Maker 85gr TREX and WW296. 62X35mm) Ammo for sale, in-stock and ready to ship at Ammo Freedom. I'm seeing a lot of conflicting information regarding which buffer weight to use, some people seem to suggest a standard carbine buffer is sufficient while others suggest a …. 500Rds of HORNADY SUBSONIC. 300 Blackout Powder Considerations Although a 300 Blackout can be fired as both a subsonic and supersonic load, it was originally designed for subsonic use and often performs better when used in this manner. 300 Blackout — Subsonic Success Tips. 300 blackout subsonic cb load data?. Loading 300BLK - Episode 4Working up a load for 168gr Hornady A-MAX bullets using Winchester 296 and IMR 4227. The XPS2-300 model features a laser-etched ballistic drop diagram on the housing, which provides a quick reference for subsonic and supersonic ammunition drop data. The last batch I did (with A1680) was 2. For barrels shorter than that, the 78-grain. 300Blackout Load Data — Heed the warning below. 300 blackout, I need starting load data for 125g solid all. Hornady says no non monolithic supersonic. Using bullets from Berger BTTLR, Sierra HPBT MK, Sierra HPBT MKL, Berger THOTM. 300 BLK Supersonic Hunting Load with 110gr Barnes TAC. which is why i mentioned that i had pushed them up to 1,200 fps which is a supersonic load. Nikon P – 300 BLK 2 – 7 x 32 BDC SuperSub. 300 Blackout: Shooting with Subsonic Ammo. Currently we shoot a TC Contender 357 and have done lots of load testing but have never been fully happy with the loads/results. 300 blackout load data Usually between 16 and 17. There's a narrow band of powders that work well with the. 260″ is max for AR-15) Use load data at your own risk. The 300 BLK round, when loaded supersonic, pushes a 110- to 125-grain bullet about 2,200 to 2,400 fps. 300 Blackout Bullets & Loads. And, if they don’t already own a modern sporting rifle chambered in 300 Blackout, all they have to do is change the uppers of their AR-15 to convert. This is a great hunting round with the proven Hornady A-Max bullet. 300 Whisper factory ammo and Remington has. Load Data: Case: Remington 221 Fireball reformed to 300 BLACKOUT specs Dies: Redding 300/221 "Correct to 300 BLACKOUT specs/ No crimp" Powder: A1680 @ 10. 250" Powderi / Velocity g1020 1800 1900 2000 2100 2200 2300 N105 12. Load Bullet 300 Missouri With Company H110 Blackout. Search: Sierra Load Data 300 Blackout. Our 375 Raptor builds shoot sub-MOA. 9 grains @ 1000 fps "Average speed about 25 fps per 10th of a grain" Started at 11. I’m only sharing this load information here for illustrative purposes to point out the diversity of the 300 AAC Blackout. Ammo Review: Barnes 300 AAC Blackout 110gr TAC. 300 aac blackout rifle reloading data 5 300 aac blackout rifle reloading data 6 indicates maximum load - use caution loads less than minimum charges shown are not recommended. 300 Whisper came when I was developing load data for the 5th Edition Hornady Handbook of. I’m not sure how short of barrel your talking, but to avoid NFA issues I’ve limited to 16”. Although these rounds can share a common platform (AR-15), THE 6. PDF Hornady 150 grain 300 blackout load data. This is clearly a load that’s optimised for shorter barrels. All of these bullets are intended to be fired at supersonic muzzle velocities. This highly maneuverabl e modern sporting. 300 AAC Blackout 110 Grain Barnes TAC-TX, 2,350 fps. Armscor 300 AAC Blackout ammo is packaged in boxes of 20 rounds or cases of 400 rounds. As far as dies go any should work but I have seen some issues as of late with Lee dies. Subsonic Rifle 300 AAC Blackout. 300 BLK load development: 125, 135, 175 and 220 SMK with H110 and IMR 4227. A subsonic round is much easier to suppress, and much quieter when suppressed. 300 Blackout's ballistic data is comparable at 440 to 700 meters. The twist rate will work well for subsonic …. It is a high-quality die set at a very affordable price. Product – 300 BLK admin 2021-04-27T07:51:30+00:00 300 BLK 144gr AM FMJ Everything from the propellant, brass case and 144gr FMJ bullet of this 300BLK round is made in Australia, by Australians, to deliver an outstandingly accurate low cost round for high volume shooting at the range or in competitions. This flat based bullet was designed specifically for the 300BLK cartridge to achieve optimal supersonic . I’m looking for load data for the new Hornady 190 gn Sub-x for 300 blackout subsonic. I think there was some super sonic data with the heavies. The downside is that a soldier cant carry as many of the larger rounds and they are heavier. Tests by AAC in 2012 (and keep in mind that ballistics have improved since then) showed that the cartridge could still be effective out to 440 yards– when fired from a barrel as short as 9-inches, making it ideal for use in AR pistols. Barrel Restrictions for MX2599 and below:. But let’s only stick to their data at this moment. Supersonic For Blackout Suppressor 300. For subs through a bolt gun you can start to use faster pistol powders as you are not worried about getting the gun to cycle. 300 Whisper, but the Blackout includes a. One minute shooting subs in sensitive locations, and a change of magazine later and you’re reaching out to 250m plus with a 110 V-Max or 125gr SST. The 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) is a 30-caliber projectile sized to fit into a 5. Considering supersonic alone, you can carry six magazines of 5. The silencer can only do so much, and you’ll still hear the supersonic crack as the bullet breaks the sound barrier after it leaves the suppressor. HAD A "LONGTIME RELOADER" FRIEND …. If you reload - 300 BLK is a great gun to have to recycle out of spec (short). Blackout 300 Winchester 296 Data Load. Subsonic Blackout 300 Bullets Reloading. 300 AAC Blackout Number of Rounds: 20 Bullet Type: Open Tip Flat Base (OTFB). The caliber is a result of the military’s experience using the 5. 300 BLK to their catalog in loads ranging from ultralight supersonic 78-grain bullets that push …. 30 caliber bullets from 110 grain up to 180 grain. 300 aac blackout subsonic load data. But before we explore the load’s range results, let’s first take a look at the technical details of Subsonic’s design. Lbs,MAX Grains,MAX Velocity,Ft. I just received my press kit and everything need to load a bullet. Beyond the upgrade in bullet diameter, the 300 BLK offers the versatility of heavy 220 grain plus subsonic projectiles as well as lighter. looking for some Suppressed 300 blackout SBR load data. Have you decided if you are going to load subsonic or supersonic or both?. 300 AAC Blackout (designated as the 300 BLK by the SAAMI and 300 AAC Blackout by the C. Blackout Bullets Grain 300 110. 300 blackout supersonic with the right ammo will perform better than 5. The Best I Was Getting Was ~ 2.